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View Diary: My Diary is Being Hijacked by a pro-Tancredo website (354 comments)

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    It's going to be the same thing for Strickland, if he can win in Ohio. He'll have to perform a virtual miracle to keep the the right wing off his back for "ruining" Ohio. Meanwhile Taft will leave the state with bad schools, a lack of good jobs, and of course a corrupt system of elections and politics we will always have to overcome.

    •  Double Standards (0+ / 0-)

      That's what Republicans represent:  Double Standards.

      Just like the Christine Gregoire win in Washington in 2004, remember the TANTRUMS they threw on a daily basis?  They were filing law suits, and they were bitching and moaning ALL THE TIME about the recount and the Dems were cheating and there was fraud and on and on and on....

      And bush steals 2 presidential elections and they tell us, "Get over it!"  and it's done.

      I'm so sick and tired of this abuse...and from mo-fo's like Joe Sylvester????

      No.  Not any more.  That is UNacceptable!

      We DESERVE....and we DEMAND...better!  They tell me to "get over it" and I'll tell them to GROW the F*CK UP!

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