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View Diary: NRCC Chair doesn't have word "Republican" on his campaign website (107 comments)

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  •  It's kind of silly... (0+ / 0-) poke fun at Repugs for not having their party name emblazened on their websites.  Dems do it too, especially in red states.  In fact, Paul Hackett's campaign website when he ran for congress did not have the words "Democrat" or "Democratic" anywhere on any page, except for a single small link to an external headline.

    Hackett's signature TV ad that saturated his district right before the election never mentioned any party name, and began with the words, "I agree with George Bush about Iraq..."  Very often, people hear only the first few seconds of a political ad before they tune it out.

    I agree that the Repugs are twisting themselves into pretzel-shaped objects to separate themselves from the party and Bush (and it is hilarious) but keep in mind that we do the same things, but for what I think are better reasons.

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