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  •  private schools don't have to teach every child (3+ / 0-)
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    lesley, tikkun, libnewsie

    and I think that that is key to this issue, there is all this talk about private and charter schools but what about the troubled kids that need extra teacher time, that drains from the rest of the class.  Or the high level autistic, ADD, or other issue kids that the private schools can simply reject.  All these kids are "dumped" onto the public school system with their shortage of funds and so forth and are forced to teach these kids.  The private schools charge whatever they need to keep the school running and then kick out any kids that don't meet social or academic standards.  If the republicans are so pro-private then will they compel these schools to take any and all kids, without the demand for additional costs??  I don't mean my comments to explain the cause of public education's problems but it certainly is a source.

    •  BINGO (3+ / 0-)
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      gaspare, libnewsie, StrayCat

      Like I said above, there is no benefit to the private school to take the bulk of voucher children who might be interested. Middle class parents of normal kids already know that great public schools in smaller communities are the best educational deal in around. Test results not withstanding, the same towns that have always had terrific public schools, still have them.  The damn tests are just a boondoggle to end public education. Kennedy is a terrific congressman but he had his head where it didn't belong on this one.

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