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View Diary: Matthew 19 - Gays are "gender-exclusive" and not diverse! (19 comments)

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    The site that I featured in this diary is real...I just wrote the e-mail to them to get in their faces...I know people really are pushing this stuff.

    I visit many "ex-gay" sites to see what the dark side is doing.  My daughter is leading a Gay-Straight Alliance at our extremely conservative high school, so we constantly "troll" those sites to see what nonsense they've cooked up recently.

    Thanks for the "neutered marriage" link - I hadn't heard that one.  So is anyone who can't conceive a child on their own in a "neutered marriage"?

    I get so enraged by their screwed up ideology I could scream.

    Thanks for sharing my outrage - it makes me feel a little better, but I know doesn't solve the problem.  My daughter and I speak up and out as much as we can on behalf of the GLBT community!  Arggghhhh!

    A little about me here. -8.63, -7.44

    by sick of it all on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 01:36:35 PM PDT

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