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View Diary: Jim Webb Comes Out Strongly in Support of Net Neutrality (19 comments)

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    peraspera, BB10

    I work for the campaign, and I have NEVER heard that reasoning in any way, shape or form.  You obviously don't know Jim Webb.  This guy is NOT the type of person to base his positions on the type of calculations you suggest.  Quite the contrary; Jim Webb is a man of courage, conviction and principle, the likes of which you rarely if ever see in American politics.  And I'm not saying this as a groupie or as an employee (for the past 3 weeks) of Webb for Senate.  Instead, I'm saying this as someone who was won over to Jim Webb IN THE FIRST PLACE in large part because of his tremendous integrity.

    The bottom line here is that Jim Webb strongly believes the internet is Democracy in action.  His decision to endorse net neutrality has nothing, nada, zip to do with some AOL connection or whatever.  Oh, by the way, if your reasoning has even a shred of truth to it (which it doesn't), why wouldn't it apply to George Allen - who opposes net neutrality - as well?

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      Who the fuck knows what goes on in someone else's head? I'm just glad he supports Net Neutrality, regardless on the thought process he used to get there.

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