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  •  as private as possible, snout (0+ / 0-)

    why is it important to be free to be "out?"

    you answer the question here:

    The first thing anyone asks here is "what church do you go to."  I do not belong to a church, nor do I belong to any other religious organization.  But I do not discuss my spiritual beliefs with people I do not trust.

    I'm happy with "don't ask don't tell." I didn't say otherwise.  As you say -- IT'S THE FIRST THING THEY ASK! Hence, from that point forward you are a second class citizen (i.e. the hellbound variety). "um...I don't go to church" doesn't quite cut it.

    If you live in such an atmosphere and feel the need to share your atheism with others,

    No need. See above.  It is a litmus test applied by others. I avoided the issue like the plague or I had to lie. Otherwise I had to deal with it year after year.

    you are making a choice that carries consequences.  

    In this case, what is my choice?  I never raised the issue, they did (as you admit is normal). My choice of where to live? From 6 to 18 I was stuck in a 99.9% practicing Christian school.  I DID leave when I could. Even that doesn't escape religious bosses at work. Or is it that a "choice" to not go with the program and just accept the local religious practices as i was constantly asked to? You got me, snout. I was asking for it.

    Society can not always protect you from the actions of stupid people.  

    nobody asked them to (not me anyway). elsewhere you have argued that this is even worth discussing or isn't even a real phenomenon until there is a 'hate crime'.

    •  I go through the same thing (0+ / 0-)

      But I don't consider myslef a victim.  Life is sometimes complicated.

      •  Snout, (0+ / 0-)

        You have not said anything here. If you think sub-'hate crime' social conflict is totally unworthy of discussion, that's fine. There are other diaries. Some of us on this thread think is interesting how powerful the religious membership remains in this country, while other social characterstics have become less salient. You have written that off as self pity, but it is as legitimate as any topic you find of interest.

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