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  •  I call 'em "Americans." (8+ / 0-)
    People who are not deeply troubled by evidence that we mistreat captives and humiliate and torture them are not Americans.

    So many of the crimes we've watch the Bush administration commit are sufficient to "shock the conscience" and those who are not appalled cannot be considered Americans.

    And so I'm seeing, down here in the South, a rising anger at seeing our national character cheapened and degraded every day this horrific freakshow called the Bush Presidency is allowed to continue.

    Our identity and expression as citizens is always to protect the environment and safeguard it against despoilation, we have a "live-and-let-live" tolerance for those not like us, we welcome diversity and despise uniform conformity. We dislike intrusions into our privacy and seek justice when wrongdoing is exposed. And most importantly, we do not exert our military force unless doing so is manifestly necessary. Anybody with these values is free to be an American. Central rallying ideas like these can serve to pull this country together against the voices of polarization - need I name names? didn't think so - and it is LONG PAST TIME for us to say "enough!" to the emerging police state.

    The upcoming November elections had better send a strong message that people are damned pissed and expect better than government-by-incompetent-cronyism. Christ on a three-speed pogo stick, the mideast is going up in flames and we have Condi and Bolton available to extinguish the crisis? Woah! Gas just went up another quarter and the number one priority of the administration is to abolish social security? It's hitting home across the heartland just how bad these people are. Lincoln was right, you can't fool all the people and sell 'em with cheap advertising tricks indefinitely. They wake up.

    They're waking up.

    Every day's another chance to stick it to The Man. - dls.

    by The Raven on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 10:46:21 AM PDT

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