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    It is far too late now to refind one's religion after the votes in the House have been tallied and the Bush Mafia agenda thereby advanced.  This coming elelction is no time for greeting prodigal sons and daughters, who after the huge damage that they have wrought on our rights and those owed to the victims of this outrageous war, now comew home begging for votes.

    This election is perhaps the most critical in our nation's history as it teeters on the brink of descent into a quasi-fascist plutocratic security state, -with much thanks to Harman and Lieberman.

    Leiberman at least has the courage of his convictions to go down to humiliating defeat, a price he seems willing to pay.  On the other hand, Harman betrays a moral and ethical cowardice, and indeed hypocrisy, in the face of a similiar fate, by cringing into mealymouthed liberal sloganeering months if not years far too late.

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