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  •  That is the open question (18+ / 0-)

    As Marcy Winograd's husband, I appreciate this diary, because we made this exact comparison between Lieberman and Harman (in terms of their Iraq war support and lack of responsiveness to their constituencies), in the face of criticism from Harman's supporters, many of whom said Marcy shouldn't run because we shouldn't divert resources and Harman "deserves" the seat, having "earned" it when the district was more evenly divided in 2000.  We were gratified and surprised when Harman softened her bellicosity and became harshly critical of the Bush regime, clearly in response to Marcy's campaign, and yes, in contrast with Lieberman's obduracy at present.  For example, Harman found a way to sign on to the LISTEN Act with John Conyers -- someone I doubt she had done much legislating with prior to that -- and to the Iraq discharge petition, which began circulating in December, but which garnered her signature right before the California Democratic convention at the end of April.  

    To be sure, we are not taking Harman's "primary conversion" -- which consists largely of somewhat satisfying rhetoric thus far -- for granted. I have voiced skepticism about whether Harman will revert to her "old ways" after November.   We have vowed to monitor her actions, words and votes now that she has won the primary.  Marcy has a new web/blogsite, and we welcome you all to check it out, and contribute comments and your support.

    "The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love."

    by Budlawman on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 01:51:17 PM PDT

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    •  That is what I wanted to know (0+ / 0-)

      I think you have the right plan, and I applaud you for it.

    •  What I missed in writing the post (6+ / 0-)

      was to thank Marcy for her courage in this race. She's truly a patriot, and did a great service to the party.

      Her race, and this one, have really convinced me that primaries are the key component to keeping our party vibrant and responsive.

      "I have a philosophy about elections. I believe issues divide and values unite."--Gov. Brian Schweitzer

      by Joan McCarter on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 02:45:35 PM PDT

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      •  Yes yes yes (1+ / 0-)
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        Incumbency should be a point that shows you have been elected before, and gives one a voting record to check out.  But it should not be a pass to automatic re-election.  The folks that are willing to stand up and give us alternatives are doing us all a great service, even if they aren't elected.

        •  Absolutely. Throughout the campaign we kept (0+ / 0-)

          hearing how we should "take back the House" and should not have Dems fighting other Dems, and as you might expect, we were pretty fierce in returning fire, arguing that Harman was not a real Dem (shades of Lieberman), she was the Lieberman of the west (see, e.g.,
          that Harman was inattentive at best to her district, which had become more progressive since she first won, that she was a Bush enabler, and that she was out of touch with what was happening in the district and in the country.  With more time to campaign, who knows?

          "The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love."

          by Budlawman on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 04:13:10 PM PDT

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      •  Thank you. I will pass this on to her as well. (1+ / 0-)
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        We saw the inspiration in the 36th, and were gratified.

        "The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love."

        by Budlawman on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 03:28:10 PM PDT

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      •  One other very tangential thing (2+ / 0-)
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        mcjoan, Buffalo Girl

        that I couldn't pass up: that picture you linked to of Marcy announcing her candidacy -- that's me on the right, looking spaced with shades on, holding the US constitution!  You can tell why she's the candidate and I'm "the first husband".

        "The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love."

        by Budlawman on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 04:07:53 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks mcjoan (2+ / 0-)
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        mcjoan, Budlawman

        As one who blogged and worked for Marcy, seeing in her the makings of an excellent candidate and person of tremendous character and intelligence the first time I heard her, I really appreciate this diary.

        Marcy's run was a long shot, in fact a much longer shot than Ned's ever was. She had none of the financial resources Lamont has and the  CA primary season is months shorter. Nonetheless, she made a great run, getting above a third of the votes and more importantly woke Harman up to the realities of both local politics, her constituents passions and perhaps even to what was going on in D.C. as looks like from outside the beltway.

        As a result, and as a result of Harman's willingness to listen and learn we have a better informed electorate and a better Congresswoman. Lieberman, not so much.  That's why he will soon be gone.

        A liberal is a man so broadminded he wouldn't take his own side in an argument........Robert Frost

        by mjshep on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 06:59:56 PM PDT

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    •  Marcy's service to the cause (4+ / 0-)
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      mcjoan, brainwave, airshipjones, Budlawman

      was and is invaluable.

      Keep vigilant.

      Ok, semi-retired from blogging. Returning fulltime in December.

      by Armando on Sat Jul 29, 2006 at 02:59:44 PM PDT

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    •  The votes are what count (period!) n/t (0+ / 0-)

      Class conflict is essential if freedom is to be preserved, because it is the only barrier against class domination. -- Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

      by cnkays on Sun Jul 30, 2006 at 12:30:35 PM PDT

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