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    I mentioned the fabled Nixon nemesis here some time ago. (Sounds like a particularly awkward form of cosmetic surgery today, no?) Another Kossack was a friend of Tuck's who corrected me on some of the details.

    S/he may need to do so again -- I absorbed the stories decades ago, and may not have absorbed the corrections.

    The two incidents I recall were:

    1. Nixon was on a whistlestop tour -- you whippersnappers, that was a tour on a passenger train. As he started speaking to the crowd from the caboose, as was the custom, Tuck appeared in a lineman's uniform ahead of the engine, with the proper flags, and signaled the engineer to get rolling again -- which he did.
    1. Nixon's brother Donald had been in a minor scandal. He was in some sort of business venutre and had received a loan from Howard Hughes, who had a LOT of government contracts. The press had just recently begun looking into it. So Dick has a campaign event in Chinatown, San Francisco. It's a photo-op. Nixon appears with a group of smiling Chinese-Americans in front of him, holding signs with ideograms that the Nixon campaign believes say 'Nixon for President!' But Tuck had delivered signs that said, 'What about the Hughes loan?'

    (I think the second story wasn't quite so perfect, according to our fellow Kossack -- but I can't recall the correction.)

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