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  •  I'm sure you all remember how (4+ / 0-)

    Shrub responded to Cindy Sheehan's anguished question "What did my son die for?"

    He talked about how he had to "get on with my life" even as inhabitants of New Orleans were drowning in their attics.

    That was when my hatred for Bush became a white-hot blaze. Forever and ever I will work indiscriminately against him, anyone he vaguely approves of, and his Republican party--the party of greed, instant gratification and self-absorption that blots out the sun.

    Bush and Rumsfeld refuse to feel the anguish resulting from their lousy decisions about Iraq. Mistake after mistake after mistake. Death, mutilation, suffering. For heaven's sake people, stand back and let Rumsfeld and and Bush GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES since they have that luxury. Don't harsh their battle-mellow with stories of grief and loss.

    I wish I believed in life after death so I could anticipate their eternal sufferings on a spit over a nice bed of red-hot charcoal.

    Dayton, Ohio July 29 at 11:15 Rally to end the Iraq War with Paul Hackett and Stephanie Studebaker

    by Cowalker on Sun Jul 30, 2006 at 07:59:07 PM PDT

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