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View Diary: Warning: Horrific Pics, Freepers celebrate the death of innocent children (114 comments)

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    The whole insane formulation of "Global War on Terrorism = a war on Islamofascism = war on muslims = war on children is a freeper trope that requires dehumanization of vilification of the adversary..

    How do we justify this?  "They" are a culture of hate, who seek our deaths and the death of freedom.  Irredemable, irreducible hate".  GWB says this all the time.

    It is about reducing threat of "terrorists" not terrorism.

    It's disgusting how they give it no value.
    Societies who give life no value are composed of people who want to die. We should kill them.

    The fate of the wounded rests with the one who applies the first dressing- Nicholas Senn

    by Eiron on Mon Jul 31, 2006 at 02:48:51 AM PDT

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