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View Diary: Warning: Horrific Pics, Freepers celebrate the death of innocent children (114 comments)

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  •  Let me clarify (2+ / 0-)
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    Rita in DC, means are the ends

    Firestorm's comment "This guy is perhaps 10 inches away from falling into freeper camp" doesn't appear to be directed at Arken.  Arken's comment in reply to firestorm, however, suggests that he believes it was.

    I thought at first it was, too, until I used the "shrink" function to collapse the threads, giving a better look at who answered who.  Since I don't think firestorm was flaming Arken, or defending JayBat's flame, I uprated him to counteract the troll ratings he's getting -- which are, imho, unfair.

    That said, if I've misunderstood the dynamic here, I'm prepared to change my rating.  But that's about as far as I want to go into "meta-Kos" land today, thanks.

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