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View Diary: The Bush Administration's Unwitting Assault on the Twin Pillars of Our Democracy (19 comments)

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  •  It's incredibly tough keeping pace... (8+ / 0-)

    with all the violations of civil liberties and with the examples of the reckless disregard this administration has shown the constitution.

    Thank you for taking it upon yourself to bring all this information together.

    If I may make one suggestion/point I think this administration's assault on democracy is in no way unwitting.  It's the supporters of this administration who are unwittingly allowing this adminisration to remake America into a hollow mockery of what it could have been.

    •  I second syphilis' point. (2+ / 0-)
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      greenearth, syphilis

      It's the "unwittingly" that I have a problem with.

      Quite a diary, though.  Hat's off to you.

      •  I second your second. (4+ / 0-)
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        bablhous, greenearth, fezzik, syphilis

        All those in favor...

        •  Aye. (2+ / 0-)
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          syphilis, Molly Martinez

          It's very deliberate. Those spin-doctored State-of-The-Union justifications for what they are doing are quite obviously created for the dumb masses by people who know better.

          They know very well that terrorism has never been a serious threat to American life- compared to, say, lightning strikes and bee stings- and they knew the foreign policy they have pursued would be guaranteed to encourage, not discourage terrorism.

          So I will not give them the benefit of the doubt by saying that what they are doing is misguided, an overreaction, a mistake, a blunder; certainly not "unwitting."

          The fear of "enemies" was created because of the need for war and the desire for totalitarian powers, not the other way around.
          The tail is wagging the dog.

    •  thanks for your comments (3+ / 0-)
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      lgmcp, greenearth, syphilis

      when i chose that word, i had anticipated this response.

      i actuall think this is a fairly important point.

      i wrote to Kos earlier today about this issue.  I agree very much with your point about the supporters of this administration.  but I believe that to a large extent this also applies to the administration. I think a failure to recognize this, and thus to frame issues accordingly, causes many otherwise good points by democrats to lose their value in the mainstream.

      an article yesterday in the washington post supported this point, by pointing out how the average voter and partisan will filter and skew their own interpretation and logic (unwittingly) in order to support their choices and preformed beliefs.

      by approaching this from a perspective of not bashing individuals for what they think (I think the facts stated above paint the case quite strongly as it is) but explaining how they might, and giving them an out (including an administration that just might feel flustered after 9/11 happened after they fell asleep, and so they compensate by abandoning the constitution) -- it helps to open minds more than close them.  

      i think the thing that you refer to is that yes, this administration is very far right wing.  that does not mean it is not more earnest than is presumed, just that it has a very different view of the facts and government than perhaps accord with traditional american principles (and despite constant if not all consuming rhetoric to the contrary).  

      •  I see what you mean... (3+ / 0-)
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        bablhous, DSPS owl, TtexwiTyler

        I'm not neceassarily arguing that it is a deliberate ploy to establish a new empire.

        I can agree with the premise they are 'unwitting' to the RAMIFICATIONS of their undermining of the constitution and civil liberties but they certainly must understand that their policies are infringing upon civil liberites and encroaching on the consitution.  For example when they allow for the president to declare individuals as enemy combatants who are not entitled to the protections of common law they fully understand what the meaning of that action is, it's a rather simple concept after all. What they seemingly fail to understand are the drastic consequences of these practices in terms of future possible abuses such as the squashing of political dialogue and dissent, the decreased quality of life for a nation fearful of arrest, etc.  As another example the recent stories on how Bush is being advised to beef up his legal staff in case of a possible democratic takeoever of senate clearly indicates that they realize they are treading on legally shaky ground.  
        They most certainly understand what they are doing even if they do not understand the impact of their actions.

        I could go farther to argue that they must understand the impacts of their actions and simply don't care but I can respect why you feel that such an argument is less sound as it relies more heavily on speculation and cyniscism but I won't absolve the adminstration of their responisbility in these matters by allowing for the incompetency defence.  They have wit enough to be treated with the same scorn we show other criminals.

        •  As a follow up... (2+ / 0-)
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          DSPS owl, TtexwiTyler

          My anger is directed more at the key players in this administration such as Cheny, Rove, Liddy, Rice, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Bolton, etc. who should be held to account if not legally, then at least by history, but I can see how your benefit-of-the-doubt appraoch can apply to lesser figures involved in this adminisration who have been, or allowed themselves to have been, misled.  I guess if one limits the meaning of administration and expand that of supporters we are more fully in agreement :)

          Here in Left Blogistan I feel the need to object to labelling this admin as unwitting because of the high regard I hold Left Blogistan participants and the wealth of information available here on the admins assault on democracy.  In this setting I feel unwitting is a term to be challenged but I appreciate that in the public forum a more moderated approach may be required.

          Anyway venting complete...

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