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    savagehaven, Monique Radevu

    Whether to even bring it up, but it's kind of hard to ignore when the SCLM is covering it. Especially in WaPo.

    All sorts of things happen in campaigns. A congressional campaign I was volunteering on once got a lot of bad press for "push polling" because a volunteer phone banker decided to lie about where she was calling from (campaign HQ.) This was in the early days of caller ID, and the recipient of the call went straight to the press. It wasn't a push polling effort, it was an ID effort and the campaign took days of hits for it.

    At any rate, this incident should not damage Lamont all that much, but in this new world of blogging (as you suggest) everyone has to use their heads. And the pressure and stress at the end of campaigns is enormous. I'll take back my suggestion that Hamsher get on a plane, but they should definitely send her to parts of the state away from the candidate and let her glad-hand local activists or something, away from the media. I would hope she would stick to kitten pictures from here on out.

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      stilwell, Monique Radevu

      her mea culpa to be not a little defensive.

      Republicans clearly think they've found their "You don't need papers for voting" moment, and expect the outrage to grow and grow and grow.  But this is a Democratic primary.  All Ned Lamont has to do is say "Why are Republicans so interested in getting Joe Lieberman re-elected?"  Which is what Jane said, too, but she's not in the position to make that statement right now.

      If this is played right, it could end up shooting Joe in the foot.  If Ned Lamont can be criticized for his supporters, Joe can be as well.

      Regardless, it's news.  In our sad day and age of American politics, this ranks as news.

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      by dday on Wed Aug 02, 2006 at 10:50:09 PM PDT

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