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  •  What does true victory look like? (0+ / 0-)

    I think the true victory comes if Lamont wins decisively (as appears possible given today's Q-poll) and Lieberman decides not to go through with the independent bid.  

    We can hope Joe moves to Florida and retires from all public life, but that's wishful thinking.  What Joe will really do is just "retire" from the Senate (as in, "You're not breaking up wiht me, I'm breaking up with you!") and go join the McCain '08 campaign like I'm sure he's dying to do.  THat way he can make the transformation complete and just hope for a nice plum appointment from a Republican administration.

    But we unloaded on Joe so much that the break is already made.  A re-elected Joementum in the Senate would be as bitter as our friend Zell.  If we're one Senator away from re-taking the chamber, then you can be sure Holy Joe will extort the hell out of us to give us our majority.

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