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View Diary: Why I won't cut and run from Labor rights. (29 comments)

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    From leaders, but he is far from being a labor leader.  He is not out front, or anywhere near the front, on the labor issue.  Which, given that most of the northwest Indiana is solid labor country, is rather strange.  His dad, was, actually, a labor leader who would actually go out in public and back unions.  If Sen Bayh is doing that, I withdraw my comments.  I'm not against him, mind you, I just want to encourage him to get out in front on this.  If he expects to be a national figure in the party.

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      You mean like...

      Sen. Evan Bayh calls on Delphi to take executive compensation plan off table

      In a strongly worded letter dated Jan. 12, 2006, to Delphi CEO Steve Miller, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) urged Miller to “take the current incentive plan for Delphi executives off the table.” After supporting Delphi’s Dec. 19 move to temporarily rescind their harsh demands for deep cuts in pay and benefits from union-represented Delphi employees, Bayh stated, “I remain concerned that these hardworking Americans will still be asked to accept major cuts in wages and benefits, while Delphi executives celebrate anticipated generous ‘performance’ bonuses.” (The full text of Sen. Bayh’s letter can be viewed here.)

      Delphi’s Key Employee Compensation Plan has run into a buzz saw of criticism from elected officials and editorial writers since union leaders and members first blasted the plan when it was announced in 2005. Faced with increasing and unrelenting public criticism, Delphi has been forced to modify the proposed executive compensation plan. So far, however, the plan remains largely intact with millions in bonuses to hundreds of Delphi executives. Continued pressure on Delphi remains necessary to force the company to remove this outrageous attempt to enrich a handful of executives at the expense of Delphi workers.

      The letter from Sen. Bayh to Miller underscores the importance of continued contact with elected officials as a means of placing increased pressure on Delphi to change their approach to union-represented Delphi employees.

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