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View Diary: Why I won't cut and run from Labor rights. (29 comments)

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  •  Why are they unpopular? (2+ / 0-)
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    stumpy, Xapulin

    I'm perplexed by one sentence in the article:

    I'm not fond of unions or any bureaucracy, but I think Americans deserve a viable choice to organize...

    I'd like to know how you can have an 'organization' without 'bureaucracy'?  How can someone denounce the one tool people have -- organization -- to resist the organization of the corporations?  Do people actually think the corporations aren't organized to the hilt so as to prevent workers from getting even a single penny more than 'necessary'?   Do people actually think the corporations haven't done their utmost to corrupt the unions; to resist the improvement of worker conditions; to drive wages down; to go straight to the bank with their stolen money; and to warp the media so as to project an idea that their criminality is all for the common good?  Please tell me people aren't that naïve.  

    And then, to finish the sentence: protect their working conditions.

    So people can band together, but only to the extent that they protect their working conditions?  How about protecting more than that?  How about banding together to protect the environment, or public education, or health services?  Or should we respect the right of corporations -- those paragons of American wealth and virtue -- to police themselves?

    I can only think this is the result of years of constant pounding, constant brainwashing by the corporate media whose corruption makes the unions look like child's play.      

    •  To be fair, I think the diarist was using the (1+ / 0-)
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      Eikyu Saha

      term "bureaucracy" not as coterminous with "organization" but in the sense of needless and wasteful complexity--actually the opposite of good organization.

      But yes, I agree that corporations have been hammering at workers' rights and shaping public perceptions for years.

    •  re: bureaucracy (1+ / 0-)
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      Eikyu Saha

      My job was to introduce new products into manufacturing.  That meant changing processes and mindsets.  I would get constant feedback from corporate bureaucrats whose jobs would need to change to accommodate our customers and support the launch of innovative products that would bring in millions of dollars of new monthly revenue.

      No one likes change, especially bureaucracies.  Unions didn't change their strategies quick enough to adapt.  US automakers didn't change their product lines quick enough to keep up with their less bureaucratic competitors.

      So, I guess my quote should read "needless bureaucracies" because there are needs for a flexible organization.  But I was indeed using bureaucracy as a perjorative noun.

    • protect their working conditions (1+ / 0-)
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      Eikyu Saha

      Unions, and employee associations formed to explore the pros and cons of unionization, can do many things in addition to the right to organize as stated in the National Labor Relations Act.

      They could, for example, advocate for certain candidates or legislation that they believe to be in their interests.

      This however is not protected activity by itself, so said employee organizations primary goal would have to be to organize to protect and improve working conditions, wages, and benefits.

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