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View Diary: CT-Sen: Lieberman rips Bush's war plan (161 comments)

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    Lieberman was ideally placed in Washington to hear information, such as that offered by General Shinseki, that would have alerted a careful listener that the administration's plans for Iraq were dangerously flawed from the git-go. Heck, I was no where near the levers of power, and I had enough information to draw an informed conclusion that the administration was trying to do it "on the cheap and clueless". Let's call a spade a spade here. Bush 41 and his advisors were waving flags and making hand signals telling the administration to stop. His son wasn't interested. He had something to prove to dad. So okay, the Bush's have a disfunctional family, but what is Joe's excuse?

    I have some sympathy for Republicans, who presumably were swayed by Party loyalty and disciplne to drink the Kool-aid and applaud the administration's battle plan, but what is Joe's excuse? That he was asleep or absent during those pre-war hearings? that he does not trust Generals with Japanese-sounding last names? that the dog ate his homework? that he had other priorities at that time? or is it just that...

    He is a slow learner?

    Is that it? that Joe is just not as sharp these days as most Democratic voters, who distrusted the war from the beginning because they did not believe the hyped hogwash about why we should go to war, nor the fairy-tales about how the Iraqi peasants were going to be out along the roads throwing flowers and singing welcoming songs. They've been out along the roads, all right, but flowers are not what they are throwing. I think that someone in Washington had watched one too many movies about the liberation of Paris: hint, Baghdad and Paris are very different. One was occupied by a foreign army, the other had a local tyrant. It's a different dynamic. Anyone but a slow learner could spot the differences, particularly since Brent Scowcroft was standing stage left like a one man Greek Chorus singing out "This is a duuuumb idea, this wiiiilll not work, this willl lead to civil waaarrrrr, that's whhhyyy we didn't invade befooore".  

    All Lieberman had to do was pay attention. So now he is a Johnny-come-lately to the reality party? Too little, too late, and only done under duress. It doesn't count, I'm afraid.

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