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View Diary: Pro-Murtha rally drowns out swiftboating tactics! (209 comments)

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    Murtha does not sell out "the family" when he tells the truth.  Quite the opposite: he does it a favor.

    My problems with Murtha is twofold.  Neither has to do with his call for a troop pullout.  First I say if you want to bash current policies, come up with a viable solution.  In the Army we don't go to our boss with problems unless we have a plan or ideas on how to fix it.  Basing the GWOT fight out of Japan is NOT a realistic option.  This shows me he cares more about bashing the other side and promoting himself than anythging else.

    My second problem has to do with his public 'announcement' of the guilt of the Haditha Marines before an investigation was completed.  How long ago was that?  The investigation is STILL not complete... yet to America, and more importantly it's enemies, those Marines are now guilty until proven innocent.  They deserve due process like any other U.S. Citizen and if guilty, they deserve to be punished severely.

    "You can prevent defeat through defense, but to prevail requires offense" -Sun Tzu

    by Captain Infidel on Fri Aug 04, 2006 at 12:18:16 PM PDT

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    •  Fair enough on your second problem with Murtha, (0+ / 0-)

      but not on your first.  There is indeed a place for criticism of a policy or strategy that is clearly not working without having to have an alternative.  This is especially true if the policy makers are blind to the inadequacy of their plans.  Often dealing with a problem begins by naming it.

      But, follow your logic to its conclusion.  You wrote:

      In the Army we don't go to our boss with problems unless we have a plan or ideas on how to fix it.

       So, lets say that you were a kid in a unit patrolling the streets of Fallujah.  You saw one of your buddies rape and execute an Iraqi woman without provocation.  You believe that what you observed was illegal, but you don't know what to do about it.  

      Would you go to your "boss" with this information--in spite of not knowing what to do?  Or, would you stay quiet?

      Sometimes speaking up without having a clear sense of direction is what it takes to get a solution going.

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