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View Diary: Pro-Murtha rally drowns out swiftboating tactics! (209 comments)

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    My grandfather was against Iraq and he served in the military himself and was in the navy so I guess my grandfather when he was a live (2004 was his last election he voted in and he voted for Kerry) was anti-military even though he gave his life to the military and worked for the government for a lot of his life and got awards from the government on his service.  You do a disrespect for speaking for other people other then yourself.  You should worry about speaking for yourself and your own experiences.  To claim to speak for someone else other then yourself is really quite immature.  And by appeasing to terrorist's you mean like when George Bush has let nobody be charged for the crime of 9/11 right?  And lied about Iraq and invaded their country based on lies and for their nutbag plans and ideals?  Oh and last I checked Murtha was going for the Whip which is actually second after the House leader.  So perhaps you should stay busy really reading what Murtha has said instead of being busy attacking him.  Oops.

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