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View Diary: Pro-Murtha rally drowns out swiftboating tactics! (209 comments)

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    So I guess George Bush abusing the military and stretching them so thin with having two, three and sometimes four tours at once with no break isn't abuse of power right?  If Murtha wants to run for either the Whip or House leadership role for the democratic side that's his right as a Congressional member last time I checked and apparently the democrats in Congress vote and if they don't agree with Murtha then he is rejected as a having a leadership role.  Perhaps Murtha feels he can help get the soldiers home from Iraq if he has more vocal ability and can help set agendas.  And last time I checked Murtha DOES have a plan.  He says to redeploy in the region and not to totally abandon the area unlike some other democrats like Kerry and Feingold (which is actually what I am for quite honestly but I'm explaining Murtha's plan).  And perhaps since he has more military experience he does know what he's talking about.  He isn't known as the Pentagon's best friend for nothing.

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