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    at the end of the tunnel would be a lot more realistic if people on here would stop writing things  like "The truth of the criminality of this Administration and the system that allowed it to happen is so obvious that I think in a way it has set people free."

    it's not so obvious. once again, hard core democrats thinking that everybody views things like them.

    as for the above comment with the 91 check marks, the outrage is not good if it is not turned into effective communication. and being numb is the worst, that is the way that societies go downhill.

    some suggestions on how to take action, keeping in mind that everytime one communicates a point about the bush administration, the more critical the words relative to the actual facts illustrated, the more other voters will skew their own interpretations in order to defend their own choices.

    THE CASE MUST BE MADE. and it must be made, constinously, by a LOT more people than representative John Conyers. It must be made a lot made more effectively, and many times fold more than it is being made, and far more in the mainstream, and far more in the media(where most of america gets its information and perception from) which includes to the media.  

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