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  •  well, maybe I am (2+ / 0-)
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    Elise, vassmer

    pro-choice by James dobson's standards. But, by this site, more along the pro-life line. I don't suport any of those things, I support abortions at anytime if the baby is seriously deformed, or in the case of the health of the woman. I'm in favor of more funding for adoptions, complete health care for woman during the pregnancy, more contraceptive usage, I actually don't mind abortions beofre the development of a unique cellular structure, which from what I know is around fourteen days after conception. But I'm really cautious of being attacked, so I'm not really going to get into the heart of my position, which ios that a fetus is a partial life and must be protected in most instances, excxept with minors, what I mentioned above, etc.

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