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  •  Give me a fucking break! (3+ / 0-)

    Since Georgia's 4th Congressional District is considered a safe Democratic seat, many Republicans choose a Democratic ballot for the primary.

    And yet

    I was unable to find out how many Republicans cast Democratic ballots in the July 18th primary.

    So you're full of shit, yes?  Fact is, no one thought that the McKinney-Johnson race would be competitive, so that wasn't much of a reason for Republicans to pull the ballot, especially when there were competitive Republican races for Secretary of State and Lietuenant Governor.

    But it's not like you have to guess.  These are the voter history files:

    You can find out the past primary participation of voters who pulled the Democratic ballot in the last primary.

    It's my understanding that any registered Democrat may vote, but only Republicans who chose a Democratic ballot on July 18th will be allowed to vote in the run-off.

    This has been written more than once, but I'll write it again: you can vote in the runoff 1) if you picked the Democratic ballot in the primary or 2) if you didn't vote in the primary.

    •  Johnson will win and Democrats will still (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      sanchez96, pat208, Mia Dolan

      be in power in Dekalb...isn't that what is important?To boot, we, who actually vote in the district, won't have to be embarrassed by her or continue to explain away her behavior.  We want a progressive rep. just as much as the people in here who are putting down Johnson out of hand.  Don't you understand, Johnson IS that person...without all the hysterics and negative reputation.  Some people in here seem intent on skewing information to their favor, but I can't help but see, over and over, the people who truly know GA politics (and consequently have proven their bonafide liberalness - after all, why else would they be in here?)  are saying "WE DON'T WANT HER!"  Doesn't that count for something?  I only wish I was as eloquent as Pat, Sanchez, and the rest to get our perspective across...

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