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  •  Sure I am capable. I have found his (0+ / 0-)

    website, but unfortunately it doesn't say much. And it doesn't answer my questions.  I couldn't find a link to 'issues' eg. The closest to that was 'accomplishments.

    Here they are:


    Drafted and passed the state's first ordinance against predatory lending which created momentum for the State of Georgia to pass its historic anti-predatory lending law

    Forced a million dollars plus settlement from AT&T Broadband resulting in a new service center for South DeKalb residents and improved customer service for all DeKalb County citizens

    Obtained grand jury indictments against operators of Memorial Drive sex shops

    Led the effort to stop expansion of landfills and waste transfer stations throughout DeKalb County

    Advocated for increased spending on traffic congestion and gridlock in District 5

    Campaigned strongly for the establishment of MARTA rail services along Interstate 20-East to Stonecrest Mall

    Staunchly promotes economic growth and quality commercial development in the 5th District

    Supported the basic human rights of Mexican Americans and other ethnic groups residing in DeKalb County

    Hank stands out as a voice of reason and common sense.

    And although the site claims it will be updated frequently, when I checked 'press releases' it's simply a statement saying he wants to hear from constituents.

    So, since there are several Hank Johnson supporters here, and I was unable to get the information I requested on his website, and this thread is about debate, I simply asked some questions, and was greeted with what comes close to an attack.

    I do hope for his sake, that his supporters here are not representative of how he will treat constituents who ask him questions should he be elected.

    •  The 'Issues' link is as clear as day (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      on the front page of his website.

      The "News" link provides you will all the updated Pro-Johnson, Anti-Cynthia press that has been published (and there is a lot).

      Why in the world are you going to his official, county run website when he is a candidate running for Congress?

      I do hope for McKinney's sake, that her supporters here are not representative of how she does research and develops public policy.

    •  And I guess that puts to rest (0+ / 0-)

      any questions regarding your capability in finding relevant information in the second most scrutinized upcoming election...

      •  Since his 'official' campaign website (0+ / 0-)

        was generally know to have little information on it (a fact that was commented on by others here after following the link in his DK ad) I checked his main website to try to get some clues as to his positions, since he's in his second year as Commissioner.  

        I was under the impression that most here knew there was not much on his campaign website.

        Unless he's updated it since then, there was nothing on there to answer the questions I asked.

        Try not jumping to conclusions. And it's telling that rather than answer a question that was asked civilly, you choose to act defensively.  

        Sorry to disappoint you but I am a very capable researcher and tend to discard useless information which is what his official campaign website is in terms of learning anything about him.

        •  Please (0+ / 0-)

          You asked what his position is on X number of issues.  His webpage answers many of those questions.  That you don't care for them is irrelevant.

          A capable researcher would have noted that, at a minimum, while posting the original questions.

        •  And why would (0+ / 0-)

          a DeKalb County Commissioner, on his county-run website, have  his positions on:

          getting out of Iraq?

          On Defense spending?

          On National Healthcare?

          On NSA wiretapping?

          On impeachment hearings should Democrats take back Congress in Nov.?

          He answers at least three of those on his campaign webpage.  Maybe not to your satisfaction, but it's there.

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