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View Diary: Wherein the biggest media insider in CA (Bill Bradley) flips out on me: UPDATED (326 comments)

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  •  Can't you do us a service and (15+ / 0-)
    you know, set us straight? Or isn't that what you'd want?
    I for one would like to know if I should distrust this d-day
    person? I thought I could, but you seem to be saying that
    I should believe you instead of him. And you are not
    willing to help us out on this? It surely would be a
    heck of a gesture and a service to the kos community
    to determine how the cookie crumbles regarding integrity
    and dignity.
    •  I've reached the conclusion that you're (4+ / 0-)
      not gonna'  come through with an explanation. Not worth
      your time, you say. In fact, you are at your great and
      powerful control console deleting the questions when they
      are asked and reaching out and touching someone,
      reaching out, but not to just say hi
      with more emails.
      If'n you kin here me, I gots one moore qwestshun fer ya,
      and mind ya, I'm not reel smarrtt like you, Bill : Do you
      know that you grabbed ahold of an industrial sized can
      of whoop-ass and opened it up on yourself? One more :
      Why can't you behave yourself better, after all, you're a
      full grown mensa man, aren't ya?

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