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View Diary: Wherein the biggest media insider in CA (Bill Bradley) flips out on me: UPDATED (326 comments)

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  •  The man can't help himself it seems (9+ / 0-)

    Subject: Re: [Bill Bradley's NEW WEST NOTES] Comment: "Non-Random Notes: US And France OK Draft UN Pact, Spielberg And Other Dems Back Schwarzenegger, Global/National Energy Price Watch, Israel-Hezbollah War, And More (With Updates)"
    Date: August 5, 2006 9:19:15 PM PDT

    You don't seem to get how YOUR own site works. You see, I posted to your site about YOUR comportment over on the Daily Kos story. You deleted a pointed question I made. I posted another comment asking why you deleted it and re-iterated the question. Then YOU emailed ME.

    Do you even understand exactly how your own lame blog and your "blackberry" (lame) works?

    You see, if you hadn't deleted the original question, and either answered it or ignored it, I would not have posted asking why you felt compelled to delete and asking the question again. You see, that is called pressing someone for an answer, not stalking. I would have thought that someone who pretends to be a journalist or reporter, and who makes such a point to show what their IQ is by posting that they are in Mensa (lame) would grasp that. You don't seem to understand the basic dynamics of how blogs with comments work, or what is, or is not "stalking" or "spamming".

    That said, you are embarrassing yourself in this entire kerfuffle. If that was what you sought to do, make yourself come across as an unmitigated ass in front of thousands of readers (over at the Daily Kos) congrats, or as another bubble-boy infamously declared... "Mission Accomplished".


    Mitch Gore

    p.s. I have a firm hold on my life, which is a damn sight more than I can say about someone who claims that someone he emails over and over again has no life and is a stalker.

    On Aug 5, 2006, at 9:01 PM, William Bradley wrote:

    ...  No, genius, you emailed me. Every one of your spams on my site is forwarded to me. I get this nonsense masquerading as political commentary.

    Get hold of your life.


    Mitch Gore

    Republicans believe in training Al-Qaeda, but not in training American workers.

    by Lestatdelc on Sat Aug 05, 2006 at 09:13:25 PM PDT

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