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  •  with all due respect... (0+ / 0-)

    Thank you for your reply -- but then what was the point of even mentioning my absentee ballot?

    I respect that you and many others are supporting Lamont because of Lieberman's position on the war. But to suggest that it is "screwed up" to be against the war but still support Lieberman because of his 30-year record of fighting for progressive, liberal causes (while your boy Lamont was voting with Republicans in Greenwich) to me is simply unfair. Why would you insist that your criteria for voting is superior to mine? I assure you there will be many of my fellow Connecticut citizens who will vote for Joe tomorrow despite their strong feelings against this awful war.

    I, too, wish Lieberman had voiced harsher criticisms of the President on his handling of Iraq, but the fact is Lieberman has been critical of Bush's handling of the war and has said that if he were President he would have replaced Rumsfeld. And didn't Lieberman in fact run for President so he could try to deny Bush a second term?

    In the end, I stick by my original contention, which I have consistently remarked upon in my comments to this site (guilty pleasure that it is). We should not be Rovian Republicans and tear down people personally when we disagree with them politically. We should try to be better than that, but too often Kos and the Kossacks are just as bad if not worse.

    •  I don't insist (0+ / 0-)

      that my criteria is better than yours. I think there's a disconnect between stating that you're ant-war but voting for Lieberman. There are many reasons to vote for him but his war opinions are not one of them. BTW I voted Joe into the Senate in 1988 and I'm very aware of what he did for Consumers in CT. I also voted for him as VP in 2000 although I moved out of CT in 1991 I probably would have voted for him  again. I became disenchanted with him in 1998 around Clinton's impeachment & then all the FOX appearances giving the rethugs cover for their odious policies. His stance on the Iraq War was the coup de grace so to speak. The Senate is not a lifetime appointment. It is time for someone more representative of Ct to take over. Joe needs to move on.

      IOW, although I am now against the War and anything this administration stands for - that was not what motivated my antipathy for Joe!

      Oh and I also disagree with how you characterize this site. We are not at all like Rove or the Republicans. If you really believe that then you don't belong on this site. Kos, although I don't know him personally, has passion and integrity something the rethugs could use more of but you will believe what you want- so carry on!

      The men who question power determine whether we use power or power uses us- JFK 10/26/1963

      by vcmvo2 on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 12:00:04 PM PDT

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