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  •  That show (4+ / 0-)
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    Xan, RubDMC, bobsquatch, greeseyparrot

    is really growing on me.  My boys have been telling me that I need to watch the show for probably a year now.  So they played some episodes from their dvd version, and I've watched some others on tv.  Have to say I'm happy with the message they're getting out there, and that even younger kids get it, if mine are any indicator.

    The president heads in the closet just kill me, and I have to chuckle at the way they poke fun at New Jersey.

    Also, I didn't know this until after I saw Gore's movie but his daughter is one of the writers for Futurama.

    •  And Al shows up in two episodes (6+ / 0-)

      "Anthology of Interest I" where he is head of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers (fellow members, Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura on the original Star Trek, Gary Gygax, developer of Dungeons & Dragons ("It's..." shakes 12 sided die "...a pleasure to meet you!"), Stephen Hawking, world reknowned astrophysicist, and Deep Blue. My favorite dialogue from that episode:

      Gore: I'm Al Gore, and these are my Vice Presidential Action Rangers; a group of top nerds whose sole duty it is to prevent disruptions in the space-time continuum.

      Fry: I thought your sole duty was to cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

      Gore: That, and protect the space-time continuum. Read the Constitution!

      If you listen to the commentary track on that episode (yes, I am that nerdy), you will hear one of the professional voiceover actors express great admiration for Al's "being sucked into the Fry-hole" take).

      And "Crimes of the Hot," where he is introduced as "Inventor of the environment and First Emperor of the Moon, Al Gore!"

      Yep. Al's okay in my book.

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