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View Diary: George Galloway eloquently calls bullshit on SKY NEWS (26 comments)

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  •  Galloway was passionate but solid and put out (1+ / 0-)
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    more points in a few minutes than all the news put together in decades.  He is a powerful speaker, to say the least.

    I never heard of sky news before this.  Thanks for the link.  It was worth the watch.

    •  Sky (5+ / 0-)

      Sky News is part of Murdoch's UK satelite broadcasting operation. As well as transmitting the usual range of shopping and God channels (the two get easily conflated!) and other stations output, they have their own setup which includes Sky News, three general entertainment stations and a suite of stations showing sport and films. (Sky News, Sky Sports News and one of the entertainment stations, Sky Three are also on our terrestrial digital free-to-air service)

      Murdoch got his monopoly by getting in first with a n analog system using existing satellites. It's first big attraction was "The Simpsons". An official rival, "British Satellite Broadcasting" came later but failed and was taken over by Sky. The merged operation uses the same initials standing for "British Sky Broadcasting". There are suggestions that part of the failure was due to Murdoch disseminating the codes to unlock the scrambling on his rival's pay service.

      Although they use Fox for live reports from the USA on occasion, there is not as much biased as Fox as they have to conform to UK broadcasting standards. A lot of its reporters are ex-BBC anyway.

      Murdoch's ownership of newspapers means that his TV stations feature a lot in the "editorial" both on the entertainment news and TV listings pages. They cannot do similar cross-publicity on TV bt have another trick. They are allowed to publicise programs being shown in the future on other stations in their network  but never seem to promote the free stations. Instead their fillers are used to advertise their premium film and sports stations (they had exclusive deals to show live soccer matches but this was ruled uncompetitive by the EU and now they only have most live soccer matches after an auction system)  

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