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  •  Then it is obvious (0+ / 0-)

    that it i applying the wrong strategy.

    Go back to the 2002 and 2004 election.

    What you see is a tiny minoority splintering the Democratic Party basically on single or a few issues.

    You see the Republicans holding firm ons coherent set of issues.

    AS in war, it is almost impossible to win if you divide your forces, and you only do so in the most desperate of cirsumstances.

    To do so this year while Republicans are starting to splinter among themselves will more than likely go down as the worse failure in political history.

    ANd it is not the Democratic Party who is responsible for this action that divides its forces.

    It is a group of oplitical neophytes who simply beleive they know better than people with decades of experience.

    And the worse part is that if this behavior results in ANOTHER failure to regain Congress, you will see all sorts of whacky theories about election fraud, in which I guarantee that Diebold will figure most prominently.

    But what you will NOT see is any reflection on the part of these minorities that perhaps it is time for them to start chaging their divisinve strategies and work towards unity, even if it is a unity that is not in  lock step with THEIR agenda.

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