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View Diary: Lieberman Makes His Last Stand, Smearing Democrats Again (176 comments)

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    Running as moderates does two things.  It gives the message that liberal is bad and conservative is the right direction.  It also leads to Republicans controlling everything like they have for quite some time now.  We need a clear, idealogical opponant to the conservatism that has been ruining our country.

    •  Then the Dems will lose (0+ / 0-)

      You forget when Democrats did very well in the 80s they were willing to cross the aisle.  You are wrong.  I as a lifelong Dem will not vote for the likes of Howard Dean and without my kind of vote the Democrats will lose.

    •  Bullshit^^2 (0+ / 0-)

      (That's bullshit to the power of 2, for non-techs.) ganner, you are exactly right.  (Except I would say so-called conservatism; these guys are not conservatives in any sane sense.)

      FloridaDem, you're a 30K UID, so I won't call you a troll, but you sound (to me) like one. Prove me wrong.

      If you think Howard Dean is a "liberal", and you think that "Muslim extremists will be quieted" by turning Lebanon into a smoking hole with 500-1000MT of hydrogen bombs, then we part company in the most fundamental way possible.  If I'm wrong, then engage me. Talk.  I'll be listening. Peace.


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