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    Sounds like the initial reports of having a cheap hosting service as the source of the problem are not accurate.

    I don't know what kind of hosting plans offers, because their site isn't responding, but was on a shared server of some kind.  I don't know, maybe you can pay $150/month and still be on a server with 73 other sites.  I've never been in the market for anything but cheap hosting.

    The IP address for earlier today was (I still get that when I do a lookup from my home computer, which is using a caching nameserver).   That address also hosts and 72 other sites listed elsewhere on dKos today.  The address for is now  That IP address is owned by GoDaddy, not or its parent ThePlanet, which are the companies mentioned in Rood's article.  The nameservers for the domain used to be at, now they are at (which is part of GoDaddy).  The "Updated Date" in the WHOIS record is 8-Aug-2006.  

    So, for whatever reason, they moved the site from myhostcamp to GoDaddy today but didn't put any of the content back up except for a whiny accusation from Sean Smith.

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      the same stuff I did, except I'm not seeing that new IP yet. How did you get it? Ping

      Looks like they went from bad to worse - the new host has over 1200 sites on the server at

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