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View Diary: Could Lamont's victory spell doom for Net Neutrality? (24 comments)

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    I would argue that Lamont's primary victory is not nearly as significant as Carter's Presidential victory. Still you have a point. The symbolism behind Lamont's win tonight will no doubt make the establishment Dems uneasy, but these are the same timid creatures who could not take control of Congress for 12 years or stand in the way of the Bush Republicans and their wreckless, neglectful, obviously not-smart policies.  We can handle them. It's not a question of whether or not they will attack us, but how we will prepare to fight back. We're smarter than them, we've got more passion than they do, the truth, facts and people are on our side. So now is the time for us to really get the ball rolling. In several earlier posts, we've been urged to all call our representatives tomorrow and tell them to support Lamont and pressure Lieberman to drop out. That sounds like a great start to me. Everyone should do it, it takes less than five minutes. I'm going to start writing a weekly diary about my congressional candidate, David Gill, and hopefully others will do the same so we can create a buzz for candidates who possess Lamont Principles. There are a million other things I'm sure we can start doing tomorrow, I just can't think of them because I'm still reeling over the fact that LAMONT WON AND LIEBERMAN LOST TONIGHT! Wooooooooo-Hooooo! Anyway, WE MUST GO FULL FORCE AGAINST THE PARTY ELITES. They need to be brought back to reality so we can start repairing the wounds of the Bush years.

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