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View Diary: CT-Sen: Lieberman starts back at zero (402 comments)

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  •  No (2+ / 0-)
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    Predator Saint, mhw

    The question clearly asked how someone would vote if Lieberman ran as an independent in Nov.

    •  We'll see about it after most unite behind Lamont (0+ / 0-)

      Nothing we can do.

      EITHER WAY, Lieberman is a Neofascist and I'm GLAD he was challenged.

      So no regrets.

      •  Question? (2+ / 0-)
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        jimsaco, mhw

        How will calling Lieberman a Neofascist win over his supporters??  By the way, I say over and over that I can't stand Lieberman, but the netroots folks don't care to look long, cold, and hard at political realities.  I will not be surprised by the results of the new Q Poll, but I fear you will be.

        •  Long cold political reality (1+ / 0-)
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          About two months ago Lieberman had a 30 point lead on Lamont. One month ago it was down to 15. Things change over time.

          Impossible is nothing

          by DrSpike on Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 06:28:54 PM PDT

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          •  Yes, But (1+ / 0-)
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            Nearly ALL of that came from the liberal wing of the Dem Party.  That source is largely tapped out.  The same trend has not taken place among Independents - plus Rethugs are lining up to vote for Joe in droves.  I agree with your next comment that Lieberman was singularly inept - and if he remains so he just might lose.  But if Lieberman can restructure and place himself astride the political center in Connecticut - whether it is true or not - he stands to get most Rethug votes, at least half of the Indies, and a large chunk of his Dem supporters.

            •  Sure (1+ / 0-)
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              But that is a big if. Remember that Americans do not like a sore loser and Joe looks like one. If the turnout was the typical 10% for a primary, then Joe would have a case that even democrats didn't choose Lamont. However, with the huge turnout yesterday, that takes away one of his biggest reasons. He can claim, but it isn't true, that he wants CT voters to get a second look at him, because they didn't get a first.

              He will also have tremendous headwind in the general. Not only will the grass roots be working for Lamont, the unions will be, and the establishment Dems. If Clinton now comes in and campaigns for Lamont, that might really hurt.

              However, I certainly can see your point and it is certainly possible Lieberman may win as an independent.

              Impossible is nothing

              by DrSpike on Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 07:31:47 PM PDT

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        •  One other thing (2+ / 0-)
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          Heart of the Rockies, steelman

          Remember that Joe lost this race by doing some REALLY STOOPID things. Attacking Lamont so hard. Declaring he would run as an independent if he lost. The idiotic campaign commercials he ran. I don't think his judgement is going to get any better.

          Impossible is nothing

          by DrSpike on Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 06:30:08 PM PDT

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          •  That's a really good point. (7+ / 0-)

            I was watching No-mentum on LKL a few minutes ago. He insists on referring to himself as an "independent Democrat."  Someone (yes, Charles Schumer and Harry Reid, I'm looking at you both) needs to inform him that he is - by his own choice - no longer a Democrat, independent or otherwise.  Perhaps a revocation of one or two committee seats will serve as an appropriate reminder.

            The longer he went on, though, the deeper he dug himself into his spiderhole of denial. My favorite moment was his sudden burst of concern over the party being taken over by the "extremists."  Two days ago, he was bleating about Ned being "right of center."  Which is it, Joe?

            He also - unbelievably - used the phrase "cut and run."  Way to remind everyone where your true loyalties lie.

            I just kind of chuckled to myself and muttered, "Yeah, keep talking, Joe.  Keep talking."

            The more he talks, the more schizophrenic he seems (apologies to real schizophrenics, who, come to think of it, don't deserve that association):  He's an independent!  He's a Democrat! He's a liberal!  He's a centrist!  He's a hawk!  He's a moderate!  He's a floor wax!  He's a dessert topping!

            I'm dizzy now.  Must stop.

        •  It is a good point.... (2+ / 0-)
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          DrSpike, Heart of the Rockies

          We are mostly assuming that Democrats will stay with the Democratic nominee and move away from Lieberman.

          I am cautiously confident that a campaign will change peoples minds for Lamont away from Lieberman.

          However, I was quite shocked that so many Democrats voted for Lieberman when I though Lamont had it going away. The 75% figure and the late breaking for Lieberman is not good. Perhaps the slap of his loss will make people look at him again.

          the overwhelming lust of the Republicans to keep control of Capitol Hill no matter what it costs the United States of America in blood and treasure...

          by Osiris on Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 06:37:54 PM PDT

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          •  Thanks (2+ / 0-)
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            DrSpike, mhw

            I don't like Lieberman.  If I were in Con.n I would have voted for Lamont.  But I still think it's the wrong race in the wrong place at the wrong time.  What's worse is that Lamont supporters tend to believe their own fantasies.  Remember last week how many people were predicting a landslide??  And now those same people are saying that Lieberman supporters will come over to Lamont on one side of their mouths while they call them pseudo-Democrats from the other.  Since the polls suggest that Lieberman supporters are likely to stick with him - and since major political figures who have bolted in the past have carried many of their supporters with them - Lamont supporters should be sweet and conciliatory rather than snarky.  Oh, well.

            •  Completely agree (1+ / 0-)
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              Lamont supporters should be sweet and conciliatory rather than snarky

              Politics is a rough sport, but when the game is over people need to forget the past and really work hard to bring people over. Snark does not help. I can understand the snark directed at Lieberman. He is really being a sore loser.

              Impossible is nothing

              by DrSpike on Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 07:35:41 PM PDT

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