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  •  I am so normal, common, ordinary but what defines (13+ / 0-)

    me . . born on Groundhog's Day in 1947. What makes me ordinary is my classic middle-income life - college student, marriage, mother of two, grandmother of two most delightful grandsons (5 yrs and 2 yrs) and owner of two dogs from the local humane society.

    Along the way, what makes me somewhat different, are some experiences, such as going back to college in my 40s and concentrating on architectural history, particularly vernacular architecture. I studied bandstands in the town squares of the smallest towns around MO. It was at the bandstand on a Saturday night that the shoe-shine boy could stand beside the town's banker and be equal.

    This is my town square. This is where we share our political thought as well as our problems and solutions, just as so many before us and so many still do around the local bandstand.

    I so enjoy that I am able to support so easily senate and congressional candidates not only in my state but outside my state by a few dollars, by letters, or by making phone calls.

    Isn't it great we have a global town square? I feel we are equal and I feel we are fortunate to have so many ordinary residents here who have extraordinary experiences/expertise/rants that are expressed here.

    btw - I am very liberal, not moderate but liberal. As Jim Hightower said, "All you find in the middle of the road are a yellow stripe and dead armadillos."

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