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    if "extreme Right" is fascism (corporatism, nationalistic fervor, and religion with a neutered or friendly media) and "extreme Left" is communism or anarchy, geez.....I wonder if the Republicans aren't a whole bunch more extreme than the Democrats? Why does no one ever point this out?

    That said:
    Sarah Armstrong Joyal. RN, with previous experience as a working adult in fast food, chain restaurant waitressing, meter reading, insurance sales, social services. I've also owned/operated my own small business and assisted a former spouse in his own small business.
    I have four grown children, one of whom is a current member of the US Air Force who has served for 6 months in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq. I have 4 grandkids and one on the way. All of my children are working. All of my children are struggling financially. For myself, I was in debt for many years and only recently got out of debt, which means I have no retirement savings. My kids have no savings, either. Two of my kids have been able to buy homes, and two can't. I would easily qualify to buy a home, and recently sold one, but at present I feel the housing market is speculative and over-valued. I'm not going to buy a home again in California, because I can't afford it, and I earn about 90k per year.
    I believe in civil rights, and in equal opportunity in jobs and education. I believe that other people's sexual habits are none of my business so long as all concerned are consenting adults, and I am sick to death of my government concerning itself with our private lives. I am sick to death of the fundamentalist Christian churches trying to cram their religious beliefs down my throat, and trying to claim exclusive rights to call themselves "Christian". I am sick to death of war mongers and chickenhawks sacrificing the children of the working and middle class to fight their ill-conceived "War on Terror" which by definition has no clearly defined objectives and will never, ever end; and I am sick of war profiteers. I am sick of our energy policy, and wonder why we ever went so far astray, because if we'd stayed the course on energy independance we would not be so SOL in the Middle East by now, and global warming would have been taken seriously and studied and maybe the catastrophe that I now see as imminent would have been averted.
    I'm not a communist. I'm not an anarchist. Hell, I'm not even a pacifist. And by the way - I grew up in the 60's, and I remember McGovern and Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy. Why on Earth people in the 21st century want to keep looking back to the last century and vilifying a movement that largely contributed to the rights that we take for granted today, I can't understand. This is NOW. That was THEN. An argument can be made that the Democratic Party suffered two big losses that crippled it: the loss of the Southern Dixiecrats during the civil rights era, and the loss of the blue-collar democrats during the hard economic times of the 70's. NAFTA and CAFTA didn't help that, ya know. The Bankruptcy Bill didn't, either. And privatized social security is the final nail in the coffin of the working and middle class. So it might be a good idea to quit looking to events of 40 years ago and start thinking about the here and now.

    In the 90's, I was the all-important moderate. It is the Far Right who has declared me a member of the lunatic left fringe.

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