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    HOME: For the past 13 years, I've been living in the same house in Pasadena raising two kids by myself. I get all sorts of help, but as a single parent, it's never enough for me to take care of my health properly or "get a life." Maybe in another 5 years I can cope with empty nest syndrome, but for now I'm typing this in the same living room where I changed thousands of diapers and now have teenagers.

    JOB: Please don't fry me and get me fired.

    I work 27 hours a week, going into the office for two 5 hour days. I get holidays but not vacations. I took this gig in 1998 because

    didn't pan out into something I could make a living at, etc. I had been looking for full-time web work around Pasadena (or any other kind of work) but there were a lot of web jobs happening in Santa Monica around '98 so when I got an e-mail on Web405 mailing list for my position, I jumped on it. I've been doing pretty much the same thing since. The pay is OK. The stability and freedom to concentrate on parenting has been priceless.

    So I help out on a Web site for a non-profit trade association with really cool members, and I track and analyze news, looking over what's on the Web on pretty much a daily basis. I need to analyze things correctly or I'm toast. That's made it very challenging to know what to make out of some major news media coverage of life in the U.S. since 2000. I hate being wrong about something like cybersecurity or events involving U.S. employees in Italy because, for me, what I need to be right about is stuff like a Microsoft or Apple press release -- parsing the PR to figure out what really is important is challenging when your words about it are your job. I can't just say kiss Steve Jobs' feet or Windows Media this and that. For example, and you can all hate me for this, I think the Ted Stevens bashing over pipes versus tubes is funny but not warranted, and when he says "truck" he means an old reference to how a station wagon of 40 GB cartridges could move data from one side of the city to another faster than most high speed connections. My pet joke about Electronic Frontier Foundation is that I wish they weren't increasingly the leading voice standing up for many of the rights I dearly want to keep! It used to be easier to belittle them. No more!

    PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: I'm working with a standards group to try to develop a really cool DRM because so much of copyright infringement is only an issue since there is no reliable digital security. Since I write about infringement enforcement and the chance came up to try and help develop a better answer to these issues -- a DRM that had flexible features based on how humans have worked with content in the real world -- I took this chance. So since 2003 I've had even less sleep and time.

    PROUD OF dKOS FOLKS: I check this site like I check a clock or a navigator checks a compass. I spend a little time here each visit, but visit often. I am very grateful to the people who post here.

    MY POLITICS: I was raised by comfy lefties, call myself an "archliberal," have always been intrigued by conservative thinking since Goldwater's run while I was in Kindergarten, and hope Kos' thing with Cato libertarian types bear fruit. Frankly, since 2000, something has become so odd about our government's ineffectiveness in certain areas that I do not simply blame Republicans -- but since they're in charge, finding fault with GOP stuff is a natural place to look. I voted to re-elect Clinton but didn't vote for him the first time because I personally didn't think he was someone I trusted. I voted to re-elect Reagan because something was happening to Democrats once they got the presidential nomination that was disaster, in my opinion, and then the same thing happened to Dole when they gave him Kemp for a VP candidate (Dole Kemp was an oxymoron). Weird. I think politicians of both parties could probably use a charity to get their message out and stand for good stuff in a simpler Feingold-like way. Their messages seem like something you'd scream at a friend from a moving bus, like "" No wonder most people I know don't care about politics as much as what their gas costs. I don't exactly care about politics, but I want good things for all of us, so it's not something I think I'm allowed to ignore. I care about the stuff that comes up in politics, and the politics affects whether all the stuff I do care about gets helped or hurt.


    PHIL :)

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