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    I've been in a position to publicly stick my neck out (volunteering for my children to attend integrated schools in the 70's) and had consequent death threats against the CHILDREN, who were 4,6, and 9 at the time.  Was also told that if there was trouble, not to bother to call the police who were unsympatheic to say the least, to school integration.  


    Adding a comment like that would make you a hero in my eyes... I think that is a REAL AMERICAN thing to do.  What an outstanding parent you are.  Be proud... and say something like that in the bio.  Why not?  That shows strong character.

    We are the people who teach your children, grow your food, care for you when you are sick in mind or body, perform all those necessary, but low status jobs.  We are also accountants, mechanics, engineers, scientists, clergy.  We've passed FBI security checks, we are loyal Americans, or we would not be in this fight!

    We are normal Americans... I take that back.  We are NOT normal Americans.  We are the empowered citizenry who care about this country. We even care about the people we don't know and the people who friggin' call us names and have no idea who we are!

    We are great Americans... but they don't know that because they have judged us as being #$@!%@*&() and they are wrong!  They think that bloggers are kids because of the technology.  Anyway, in a regular media outlet an editor, a publisher or a normal writer doesn't even know what a blog is!  Only the people who blog know what a blog is.  So that's why they don't know who we are... right?

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