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  •  I wish I was as hopeful about where I'm going (7+ / 0-)
    as about where I came from. Where I appear to be headed
    is to grab for a pitchfork and a lantern and hit the streets angry,
     joining or starting a mob. I'd rather not. In A.A. when
    we tell our stories we use the guideline of where we were,
    what happened and what it's like now. Well, that doesn't
    translate to how I'm about to use it but it's a good template.
    Where I came from is the great part, hell of a
    country full of hardworking, humble people. My grandpa
    who farmed his entire life had a weary look to him most of
    the time, my other grandpa didn't even make it to middle
    age. One was in France in WW I. My dad saw too much
    damn combat in WW II. My grandmothers, church people,
    teachers and my parents (and the TV) tattoed the Good
    America inside of my body. I don't have any tattoo's outside,
    but inside there's a great big red, white and blue one
    that ain't never goin' away!!!
    What happened to me is I didn't do well in the middle of
    my life, 's O.K. When you yer' on your way up , it just beats
    the hell outa' the way down. Ya' know what, when we start
    seein' this country coming back to life the way it 'sposed
    to be? It's gonna gonna be pretty darn sweet, kinda like
    gettin' a new tractor when the one you've been using was
    barely runnin' and threatening to blow up. My grandpa
    had that weary look much of the time, 'cause building an
    America is hard work, not every body has it in 'em
    to make it work. There are enough to make it work, I won't
    let myself doubt it. Hell, a decent education and healthcare
    for our kids would kick ass on most of our troubles. We
    are a million miles and a little more away from things
    being that simple now, but we're gonna make it. Because
    this is America, it's got redwood forests and gulf
    stream waters and it was made for you and me. I learned
    that in school.

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