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    Oh no, I'm more of a typical "angry liberal." My username gives away my full name, so obviously I'm okay with that.

    I'm only 22, but I live in Washington, D.C. and am married. My wife is a radiology technician, but currently is working at the National Gallery of Art and getting ready to go back to school to finish her bachelor's degree. Technically I think we live in the Shaw neighborhood, which is traditionally viewed as a predominantly black neighborhood with a bit of a crime problem. We have a rather small apartment in an okay building, but with the way cost of living is in DC it's still way outside of anything coming close to reasonable. We definitely live paycheck to paycheck at this point. We drive a Chevrolet Cobalt, which gets OK gas mileage, and we chip in $5 a month to offset the carbon output.

    I'm originally from the suburbs of Chicago, where my mom is an ER nurse and my dad works in IT. My mom went to college, my dad did not. Nowadays they would be considered upper-middle class, but not rich or well off by any means. It was a definite sacrifice to send me to Georgetown University. I majored in economics, but at the moment I'm not really seeking a career in that field, or a graduate degree. I volunteered for Howard Dean's campaign in 2004 (my first volunteering gig, and he was the first candidate I ever gave money to, albeit only $50 [but a big deal for a college student]). I went to Iowa for the Perfect Storm and was at the "scream" speech (sigh).

    My first job out of college (and current job) is with Media Matters for America. I had heard of MM via dKos, but honestly took the job because it was the first offer I got and I had to start making money. However, now I really do enjoy working there, even if my role is mainly limited to tech stuff. I'm excited to be in an environment where people are trying to do something to affect positive change. Of course working for a non-profit isn't exactly a job at Goldman Sachs, I'm happy to have found a position that at least lets us get by for now... because I know a lot of people are really struggling.

    Yeah, I'm in debt, and can't really afford anything fancy or go out to dinner or the movies. I'm still using a old broken down computer at home, and we don't have cable TV. It's sad that if we lived almost anywhere else and made the same amount of money, we could probably afford a house. But I hang in there, because I feel like I'm helping to make a difference... and that to some degrees (especially when this young) is priceless.

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