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    Like a great jazz musician, Ned was in the moment, playing off of each of Wallace's questions and comments with a relaxed confidence that other dems should take note of. I just watched the video. Ned comes off as confident, sincere, honest, caring, intelligent, well spoken and passionate. His timing is great. Is he offended by Cheney's comments? Yes, as a matter of fact he is and he finds it harsh and wrong. How would Joe have answered that question? And this exchange is just awesome:

    WALLACE: Let's talk, though, about some of the weapons that President Bush authorized after 9/11 to fight the war on terror.

    You say that the NSA warrantless wiretaps are illegal. You've called for President Bush to be censured because he allegedly broke the law. You also have been very critical of the Patriot Act.

    Now that we've had word of the terror plots -- and we know as we've been discussing today that Britain already has a lot of laws, legal tools that we don't -- would you really take away some of the weapons we have now to fight terror?

    LAMONT: No, it's not a question of taking away any laws. It's a question of having a president of the United States who follows the law. And if he wants to change some of the laws, if he thinks the FISA rulings were too slow and he needed some help, go back to Congress and change the laws, but don't do it unilaterally.

    What I objected to was the fact that we had a president and some of his team that thought they were above the law, and then they said we'll fix the laws after the fact. I thought that was wrong.

    How long have we been looking for a guy like this?

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