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    Ned and the others would say, when questioned about the downsides of leaving Iraq, something straightforward and grave, like

    "Look, our Iraq policy is a disaster. We took out a government that was no threat to its neighbors, that was not connected to international terrorism, and that served to oppose Iran's designs.

    "Now we are faced with the consequences of the foolish decision to invade Iraq. And, frankly, none of our choices are very good.

    "It may be that things don't work out perfectly when our troops withdraw. But things are very bad with our troops there - violence is rising. Our military presence is clearly not helping to move events to a positive conclusion.

    "And we need to remember that we cannot afford this occupation. And we also need to remember that this occupation takes the lives of about 50 brave Amercians every month, and many more seriously wounded, to no good end. This occupation is an abuse of our fighting men and women. And finally, it hamstrings our military so that it cannot respond to actual threats elsewhere.

    "So given those factors, yes, departure is not a perfect choice, but it is our best choice. We don't have the luxury of perfect choices anymore. We lost that when we foolishly decided to invade Iraq."

    something like that.

    an ambulance can only go so fast - neil young

    by mightymouse on Mon Aug 14, 2006 at 04:20:33 AM PDT

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