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View Diary: Mike Wallace - Drunk? Bush Hack? or Just Past His Prime [poll] (92 comments)

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     Though some of the interview may have been "just Mike Wallace," I found the lack of respect appalling. Most American business people who deal with leaders and business people in other countries change their pushy, American ways and attempt to accommodate the customs of those they are visiting.  There are college business courses on how to "behave" when in other countries. So ... why couldn't Mike Wallace change his ways? Oh ... businesses want to make money and will do what they have to ... 60 minutes wants to make money and will do what they have to.  I suppose that appealing to the existing bigotry in the general US populace and the strong urges to "get even" ... the 60 minutes audience probably loved it.
     I would give a lot to see a media person actually stand up to George W and ask some of the same questions or make some of the same statements ... "Just answer the question, yes or no." ... without the drama and theatrics though.      
     And I couldn't help but think... how pious ... when Wallace made fun of the note regarding the Iranian President's jacket.  How much time and makeup do you think was spent on Wallace trying to get him to look okay?  

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