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View Diary: Meth in Arizona Part II: Ending Production (44 comments)

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  •  people really oppose the laws ... (1+ / 0-)
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    Cato come back

    ... passed in Oklahoma.

    i've heard every imaginable argument against them. but i live here and i was here during the worst of our meth epidemic --- and the problem is, it's worked.

    i remember when it was a common thing to see someone at the grocery or walking down the street who was obviously a tweaker. these days, i can count on one hand the times i've seen a meth-head at the grocery or gas station or whatever.

    i remember when you had to be careful on your own land --- if you saw a suspicious plastic bag of stuff or odd pile of whatevers in high grass or woods, your alarms went off because it could very well be a lab. and no, i'm not kidding.

    and one of the biggest arguments against these laws is people will just go to adjoinign states and get the pills. but meth heads aren't exactly genii at planning --- they've usually blown out too much grey matter --- and it hasn't worked out that way.

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