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View Diary: Guerrilla Vlogger: Patriotism for something more than War (49 comments)

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  •  The leaders we have been waiting for are us (4+ / 0-)
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    mbair, machka, sparkleon, bumpa

    And Edwards is part of us..not that establishment in DC, although it's very important that he was in the Senate to understood how it worked. One of the things I respected Edwards for was giving up his seat in 2004.  It wasn't because he would not have been re-elected; quite the contrary, he didn't think Bush or others were listening to us, so he wanted to run for a higher office to try to do something about our problems.

    Dean is doing the same by his chairmanship; Edwards decided to get behind the good parts of the party and bring those things out front and center.  I'm hoping Ned will win and that Joe L will realize that this mid-term election is about us, not his ego.

    •  So True Benny05 (4+ / 0-)
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      mbair, machka, benny05, bumpa

      A very good comment about JRE deciding not to run again for the Senate.  We all know he could have won it easily...JRE's thinking is always for the people and how to make it better.  What better way to do this than talk to the people all over the US?

      We all need to support JRE and his visions for making a better America whether you be Democrat or is time for the people to unite and become a nation of helpers instead of a nation of dividers.

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