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     I went thru diary fatique and wrote my 1st one TODAY since my Staff Sgt. son returned from his year in Afghanistan last month. The Bushco corporate corruption/fraud against our troops and the people is criminal. The poor and good people of Afghanistan are cheated by our corrupt Bushco corporate cabal, their own corrupt government and corrupt Pakistan.  Our soldiers that had planned 20 years as 2nd careers are not re-enlisting.  The poor citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq are totally screwed by Bushco corporate corruption, such as KBR, Haliburton and Bechtel with missing security, supplies, equipment, food and REPAIR!  Our military wonders where in the hell our congress critters and media are with investigating our stolen American tax-payer monies.  They want the Bushco cabal charged for war crimes and war profiteering.  Where are the investigations that will hopefully repair our lost respect internationally?

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