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  •  giving the devil (W) his due (2+ / 0-)
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    One of the few good things I'll say for George II is that he doesn't usually run on race.  This puts him above Reagan and Poppy Bush by a long shot.  And he did make those comments defending Islam and American Muslims after 9/11.  That's just about the only right move he's made fighting terror.  
    Having said that a lot of the rank and file are flat out bigots.  Look up what Myrick, Coble, and Chambliss have said.  Felix too; he had the confederate flag up in his cabin and he was wearing one in a high school picture.  The later's forgivable (hell I thought the damn thing was about heritage when I was a dumb kid) but the former isn't.  If you see a rebel flag on a grown man's wall what do you think?  And quite worryingly, Bush isn't above using prejudice when he's desperate.  Look at SC.  I wonder if the recent facism comments mean he and Rove are finally desperate enough to fall back on religious bigotry.  I hope I'm wrong and I hope if they do it'll blow up in their faces.

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