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    Mr X

    The joke/irony defense is just a variation of the one that Allen is using. This is about racism and not just scoring points against someone whose politics you don't like. It's not okay to use derogatory langauge against any group.

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      No, bronxdem, I didn't call it a joke. You just did.

      You've obviously had a bad day, and needed someone to scold. I hope you feel better.

      But you're right. My using a that term to illustrate how incredibly insensitive Allen was is exactly the same as calling an Eastern Indian man a monkey, using a dog-whistle code word to White Supremecists, in a time when Arabs and Eastern Indians are being persecuted merely for their ethnicity.

      How could you be so insensitive?

      klaatu barata nikto

      by JohnGor0 on Wed Aug 16, 2006 at 01:39:05 PM PDT

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        learn to read. But after the "it was a joke" defense the "you are too sensitive" or "you can't read" usually follows. Where did I say they were equivalent? No where. "I'm sorry if anyone misinterpreted my remark"  is not an apology. "It's okay to use a derogatory word if it is in reponse to another derogatory word" is not logic that works for people who are anti-racist. Same goes for "I'm mad someone called me on what I said."

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          There were a couple of posts, and I guess I reacted to both as part of your thread. You didn't imply both were equivalent.

          Hillbilly is a putdown that jabs at one's supposed lower class, as if one is from the hills and uncultured. Inbred calls his lineage into question. Stump-jumper mocks one's quaint culture. Macaca is a term that infers that the recipient is sub-human, on the level of animals.

          Again, I didn't say I was joking. As an angry reaction to George Allen's remark, I comparatively called his level of class into question.

          If you want to make the argument that people here shouldn't go off like that because this online community isn't about that, fine. I'll accept that argument.

          But if you want to protect the word "Hillbilly" because it's hurtful and insensitive, I would say that is ridiculous, and you're not calling me on anything.

          Our language is loaded with colorful terms born from hatred and prejudice that we rattle off all day without wondering what we're saying. Have you ever referred to someone as hysterical? It means "injured in the womb" as if a woman had chemical imbalance, or an actual wound that was making her crazy. Are you going to police the boards and correct anyone who writes that now?

          klaatu barata nikto

          by JohnGor0 on Sat Aug 19, 2006 at 01:15:31 PM PDT

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